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records request procedure


Types of Requests

Commercial Inquiry

Commercial users are required to sign a legal access agreement. The requester may face criminal and civil penalties, under United States code, title 18 (USC, title 18), if the data is misused. DVS charges a fee for the data.

Individual Inquiry

Individual requesters are required to complete a Record Request Form (PS2502). The back of the form lists the allowed reasons to receive the data, or the requester can provide written authorization [Grant Access to Record Authorization Form (PS2506)] from the subject of the data. DVS will determine whether the requester is allowed to receive the information. There is a fee for the data.

Government Access

Law enforcement and court agencies have access to DVS computer records through a criminal justice computer network. Other government agencies also have access to the records to obtain or verify information needed to carry out their programs.

Crash Record Request

The Crash Record Request (PS2503) is used to request copies of law enforcement reports of crashes in Minnesota (see the Obtain an Accident Report Page regarding who may request reports). Reports can be obtained in person or by mail at Driver and Vehicle Services, 445 Minnesota Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-5161. A search fee is charged for all report requests. For questions, call (651) 296-2940.



In Person

Driver and Vehicle Services – Central Office
Town Square Building
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 190
Saint Paul, MN 55101-5190



Driver’s License: DVS.driverslicense@state.mn.us
Motor Vehicle: DVS.motor.vehicles@state.mn.us



Records Unit: (651) 296-2940
Assistance for deaf or hard of hearing callers (TDD/TTY): (651) 282-6555