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Goals / Vision / Objectives

Whether they work at the service counter, on the phones or behind the scenes, DVS employees provide valuable services to Minnesotans and maintain partnerships with law enforcement agencies, local, state and federal agencies, courts, and deputy registrars and driver's license agents. MNLARS is tool that DVS will use to improve service, efficiency and accuracy. 
With the successful implementation of MNLARS, DVS will be able to:
  • Increase data integrity and system security
  • Increase fraud prevention
  • Improve accessibility to information
  • Improve support to law enforcement, deputy registrars, driver's license agents, and other DVS business partners
  • Improve the timeliness of services
  • Increase customer convenience

  • Reduce Transaction Processing Times
  • Improve data access, accuracy, consistency, and security
  • Improve Customer Assistance and Communication
  • Standardize Processes
  • Reduce Paperwork and Paper Flow
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Increase customer convenience

MNLARS Vision Statement

MNLARS is a project of the Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division to replace its aging information technology system with a more flexible and cost effective solution that:

  • Enables DVS to deliver fair, accurate, secure and timely driver license and motor vehicle services
  • provides stakeholders with reliable information
  • Allows compliance with state and federal laws
  • Delivers improved functionality 

MNLARS Objectives

  • Link together 7.7 million vehicle records and 6.5 million driver records
  • Detect and then correct or remove corrupt or inaccurate data contained in the millions of records in the current mainframe system
  • Study opportunities to streamline more than 150 business functions
  • Simplify and automate data collection activities
  • Improve reporting capabilities
  • Facilitate data sharing
  • Improve access to information