Why 911 dispatch

Why become a 911 dispatcher?
Public safety telecommunicators, also known as 911 dispatchers, are uniquely selfless people with a desire to serve and improve their communities. Our police, fire, and medical professionals rely on the people sitting in that chair waiting to pick up the phone and make a difference. You will make a difference in your community, in your own life, and in your career. Why become a 911 dispatcher? Because it's your calling.


Graphs showing 2022 call source and PSAP affiliation statistics.
Dispatchers at 103 state, tribal, county, municipal and non-traditional Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) answer 911 calls placed by Minnesota residents and visitors. In 2022, these PSAP's answered over 2.85 million calls.

A dispatcher wearing a headset.
A dispatcher's hands using a computer mouse and keyboard.
A dispatcher standing at a work station.
A dispatcher wearing a headset, looking at computer screens.
A dispatcher looking at four computer screens at a work station.
A dispatcher sitting in front of a work station.