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There is no IECGP funding for FY 2011. The grant program has been discontinued. While there are still outstanding grants that were issued for FY 2008, 2009 and 2010, there will be no IECGP funding for 2011. 



The Interoperable Emergency Communication Grant Program (IECGP) provides governance, planning, training and exercise, and equipment funding to states to carry out initiatives to improve interoperable emergency communications.

According to the legislation that created IECGP, all proposed activities must be integral to interoperable emergency communications and must be aligned with the goals, objectives and initiatives identified in the grantee’s approved statewide Communication Interoperability Plans (SCIP).

IECGP will also advance U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) near-term priorities that are deemed critical to improving interoperable emergency communications and are consistent with goals and objectives of the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) (see: ).

Funding Source

The SHSGP, UASI and IECGP grant programs are funded by annual appropriations of the U.S. Congress and administered by DHS.

Investment Goals 

​The funding goals of the IECGP are designated to address gaps in the NECP.