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Funding and Fees


Statewide 911 Fee

The 911 Program is funded by a statewide 911 fee currently set at 95¢ that is assessed in Minnesota Statutes Section 403.11 to all wireless and wire-line switched or packet-based telecommunications customers that are capable of originating a 911 call. The telecommunication service providers should assess the fee based on the number of wired or wireless telephone lines, or their equivalent. 

Telecommunications service providers can download the fee remittance forms in PDF format.

Fee Summary

The following summarizes the 911 fee amounts since the statewide fee began in January 1987:
Effective Date​ 911 Fee Amount​
​1/1/1987 ​14 cents wire line only
​10/1/1987 ​18 cents wire line only
​7/1/1994 ​14 cents extended to wireless
​10/1/1995 ​22 cents
​7/1/1998 ​27 cents
​7/1/2002 ​33 cents
​8/1/2003 ​40 cents
​7/6/2005 ​65 cents
​7/1/2009 ​75 cents
​8/1/2010 ​80 cents
​10/1/2013 ​78 cents
​1/1/2016 ​95 cents


The 911 fee mechanism has been a successful method of funding and the fee amount is based on the projected expenses as authorized by the Legislature and by the expected number of telephone and wireless telephone subscribers.