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ARMER Participation Plans  

Formal participation on the ARMER radio system is open to all public safety entities based in Minnesota as well as city, county, state, federal, and tribal governments.  Participation may be by way of a Full Participation Plan, a Limited Participation Plan, Interoperability Participation Plan, or Sponsored Participation.

See the ARMER Participation Plans page for more information. 


Emergency and Special Event Participation

Radio caches, located throughout the state, afford public safety access to spare radios to issue in times of emergency and special events. Only those with existing ARMER participation plans may check out these resources. Cache radio users receive “just in time training” before being issued a radio.

Examples: Bus drivers during a mass evacuation or parking lot staff during a large community event.


Talkgroup Permission

Typically, current ARMER users may install radio talkgroups assigned to their entity, their county or region and statewide interoperability groups.  When an entity wishes to install a talkgroup outside of these parameters, written permission must be obtained.  The entity receiving the permission should maintain the signed form as evidence of the permission.

Example: A police department wishes to install the dispatch and car-to-car talkgroups of the neighboring police department.

Talkgroup Permission Form (PDF) (Word)

 Authorization Process to Access Regional Interoperability Talkgroups​

Wide Area Site Access

Talkgroup owners requesting wide area site access should complete the Request For Special Wide Area Site Access For An Armer Talkgroup form and submit it to the applicable site owner to request wide area access for a talkgroup.

Wide Area Site Access Form: (PDF) (Wo​rd)