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Conceptual Statewide Plan (Revised September 27, 2002)

Conceptual Plan Change (Revised January 28, 2010)

Public Safety Statewide Radio Project Plan and Scope

Exhibit 1:  800 MHz Report

Exhibit 2: Tower Locations, Microwave Routing and Phases

Exhibit 3: Timelines

Exhibit 4: Land, Tower and Generator Costs

Exhibit 5: Microwave Equipment Costs

Exhibit 6: Summary of Fixed Components Costs

Exhibit 7: Frequency Assignments

Network Management Standards

Definition for Local Subsystems, as Adopted by SRB, for Purposes of Coordinating Grant Funds 


Please note: These documents represent the plan as approved in 2002. For current information about the plan, please contact the MnDOT Office of Electronic Communications at (651) 234-7961 or