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Subscriber Equipment

Approved Equipment List

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PortableEF JohnsonAscend 700/800 MHz1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5300 ES1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5387 Dash Mount1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5387 Dash Mount Encrypted1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5388 Dual Control Head1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5388 Dual Control Head Encrypted1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5388 Remote Mount1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson5388 Remote Mount Encrypted1/1/1900
MobileEF Johnson53SL-ES1/1/1900
MobileEF JohnsonVM600 Model #242-5M701/1/1900
PortableEF Johnson5186 Encrypted1/1/1900
PortableEF Johnson5186 Limited Keypad1/1/1900
PortableEF Johnson5187 Encrypted1/1/1900
PortableEF Johnson5187 Full Keypad1/1/1900
PortableEF Johnson51SL-ES1/1/1900
PortableEF JohnsonAscend 700/800MHz1/1/1900
PortableEF JohnsonVP6001/1/1900
PortableEF JohnsonVP9005/22/2014
PortableKenwoodTK5400 K1/1/1900
ConsoletteMotorolaXTL 5000 (base, ruggedized, and/or encrypted)1/1/1900
MobileMotorolaAPX 15001/1/1900
MobileMotorolaAPX 45005/22/2014
MobileMotorolaAPX 65001/1/1900
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ARMER Encryption
Encryption that will work on the ARMER system can be either DES-OFB or ADP.
DES-OFB encryption is the preferred use. It will work with multi-vendor radios.  Encryption keys can be loaded into radios with a keyloader. This format will also work with encryption to consoles. This format will work with all radios and consoles and is fully interoperable.
MULTIKEY is the term for the use of more than one encryption key in a radio.
ADP encryption is a Motorola format and will only work with Motorola radios. The keys can only be loaded into the radios using software CPS. ADP encryption cannot be loaded into consoles. This format can only be used between Motorola radios and is not fully interoperable.