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Border Interoperability


ECN is working with our neighboring partners to identify gaps in interoperability across state and country lines. Over the past year, ECN has hosted workshops with Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota to open the lines of communication. ECN participates in cross-border exercises and engages in cross-border radio communications projects in pursuit of inter-state interoperability. 

ECN also facilitates quarterly meetings with the Ontario/Minnesota Interoperability Workgroup and the Manitoba/Minnesota Interoperability Workgroup.

Specific Projects

PSIC Border Control Stations

ECN has offered to install a radio control station capable of operating on ARMER at each border county's public safety dispatch center. States included in this project are: Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

These control stations are intended to establish baseline level-one interoperability between our state and our neighbors. Level-one interoperability is defined according to the Safecom continuum. Many Border Counties are taking advantage of this offer.

Interested parties should contact Jim Stromberg at 

Border Interoperability Contacts: 



David Spenner

Statewide Communications Interoperability Manager
Office: 608-261-7535


Craig Allen

Iowa Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
Office: (515) 725-6108
Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communicajtions System Board

​North Dakota

Michael Lynk, Director

North Dakota State Radio
Office: (701) 328 8150

​South Dakota

Jeff Pierce

BIT Engineering
Office: (605) 773-4347


David Nicholas

​Operations Planning Lead
Government Mobile Communications Branch
MGS-Infrastructure Technology Services (ITS)
Office: (416) 326-3338


Don Mackinnon

Director of Planning
Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization
Phone: (204) 945-8855