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Fiscal and Administrative Services

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety


Fiscal and Administrative Services provides budgeting, general accounting, financial reporting, payroll coordination, accounts payable, purchasing coordination, grant and contract management, and administrative support services.


Related Minnesota Statutes

MS 299A.01 subd 2 (4)

MS 16A

MS 16C.03



Fiscal and Administrative Services (FAS) division has 37 full-time employees at the 445 Minnesota Street location. 

FAS staff coordinate and oversee the work of 87 purchasers, 42 contract liaisons, 10 grant liaisons and 56 timekeepers throughout the agency.



The Office of Fiscal and Administrative Services division was created in 1971 as the finance division of the Department of Public Safety.



The Office of Fiscal and Administrative Services provide fiscal oversight for the POST Board, Private Detective Board, and Minnesota Board of Fire Fighter Training and Education.  FAS works closely with the Department of Administration and Minnesota Management and Budget. 


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The fiscal and administrative services division uses the Statewide Integrated Financial Tools System (SWIFT) for all financial transactions on behalf of the Department of Public Safety. 
To learn more about SWIFT by visit http://www.swift.state.mn.us


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