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2015 MNWALK and Planning Resources

2015 - 2018 MNWALK  

The MNWALK update lists the planning requirements for a local jurisdiction’s emergency operations plan.  The requirements are consistent with the National Preparedness Goal, FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guides 101 and 201 and the federal Emergency Management Preparedness Grant.  New features include INFO boxes containing additional planning information, LINK boxes to new planning guidelines and documents, and PARTNER boxes with suggested whole community partners for each planning area. 

This chart shows the 2015 MNWALK items with added standard operations guidance (SOG) that are due to be implemented in each of the next four years

View the PowerPoint presentation from the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers (AMEM) Conference held in September of 2014 to find out the details of the newly revised 2015 MNWALK.

The following charts compare the 2010 and 2015 MNWALK items:



Local Planning Resource Documents


Sample MOU/LOA Chart

  • Example of a chart listing a jurisdiction’s current Memorandums of Understanding/Letters of Agreement; Reference for MNWALK item #22.

Sample Record of Revision

  • Provides a method for listing updates and revisions to an emergency operations plan; Reference for MNWALK item #2

Sample Communication Chart

  • Shows all of the types and methods of communicating used in emergencies by a jurisdiction; Reference for MNWALK item #15

Sample EOC Activation Levels

  • Shows positions to be staffed when opening a jurisdiction’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC); Reference for MNWALK item #20

Sample Responsibility Assignments Chart

  • Catalogues the primary and support functions and responsibilities of local departments and agencies in responding to a disaster; Reference for MNWALK item #7

HSEM Debris Management Guidebook​

  • Guidance provided by HSEM Recovery staff for local debris management implementation, consistent with federal requirements; Reference for MNWALK item #46

Local Donations and Volunteer Management Guidebook

  • Guidance provided by HSEM Recovery staff on developing and implementing local donations and volunteer management plans and partnerships; Reference for MNWALK items #49 and #50

Functional Needs Planning Toolkit

  • Guidance and Minnesota-specific resources to assist emergency planners in planning for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs; Reference for MNWALK items #6, #33, & #41

Planning Guidance for Local Mass Care

  • Provides guidance for local emergency shelter planning. This guidance was produced by a mass sheltering workgroup as part of HSEM’s mass care initiative; Reference for MNWALK items #32, 33 & #34

ECHO Field Operations Guide Reference MNWALK item #41

ECHO Emergency Operations Plan

  • The Emergency and Community Health Outreach (ECHO) organization has put together an Emergency Operations Plan and Field Operations Guide defining how it will work with emergency services personnel in communicating emergency information to limited English-proficiency populations in the event of an emergency or disaster; Reference MNWALK items #16, & #42.

Minnesota County Foreign Animal Disease Response Support Planning Guide

  • This support guidance from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture assigns specific roles and responsibilities for a response to a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) and outlines county, state and federal interagency cooperation; Reference for MNWALK item #37.

Emergency Management Duties

  • A list of Emergency Management duties with references to state and federal statutes, laws and regulations along with federal and state program requirements and guidance documents; Reference for MNWALK item #4.

MNVOAD Long-Term Recovery Manual

  • This manual was produced by a collaboration of voluntary agencies within the Minnesota Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MNVOAD) organization for providing services in a community’s recovery through the creation of local Long Term Recovery Committees; Reference for MNWALK item #51.

Core Capability List

  • A list of core capabilities for each mission area—prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, recover. This listing can be referenced for all MNWALK items.

Definitions of Various Types of Centers

  • A listing of definitions of different types and functions of “centers” referred to in emergency planning documents and emergency services programs; Reference for MNWALK item #53

SARA Information Guide for the MNWALK

  • This is a revised and completely rewritten edition of the SARA Title III Information Guide for the Minnesota Local Emergency Operations Plan (MNWALK) and pertains specifically to the preparation of the SARA items in the MNWALK. This revised edition incorporates new technologies and procedures when possible and simplifies explanations and instructions; Reference MNWALK items #54-71