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State Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard mitigation planning is an effective instrument to reduce losses by reducing the impact of disasters upon people and property. Although mitigation efforts cannot completely eliminate impacts of disastrous events, the state shall endeavor to reduce the impacts of hazardous events to the greatest extent possible.

The State All Hazard Mitigation Plan represents the efforts of the state of Minnesota in fulfilling the responsibility for hazard mitigation planning. The purpose of this Plan is to identify the State’s major hazards, assess the vulnerability to those hazards, and take steps to reduce vulnerability using the technical and program resources of Minnesota agencies.

The Plan identifies goals and recommended actions and initiatives for state government to reduce and/or prevent injury and damage from hazardous events. The intent of the plan is to provide unified guidance for ensuring coordination of recovery-related hazard mitigation efforts following a major emergency/disaster, and to implement an on-going comprehensive state hazard mitigation strategy intended to reduce the impact of loss of life and property due to disasters.

The 2014 State All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is available for review. Please send comments to by February 28, 2014.”


2014 Minnesota State Hazard Mitigation Plan

2014 Minnesota State Hazard Mitigation Plan Appendix

2014 Minnesota State Hazard Mitigation Plan - Rural Electrical Cooperative Annex


Vulnerability Assessment by County


Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Collection and Integration


Natural Hazards


State Goals, Strategies and Actions


Natural Hazard Mitigation Goals, Strategies and Actions


Mitigation Project Implementation


Mitigation Success Stories in Minnesota


Local Plan Integration