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HLESO-Logo-for-web (2).pngSEM is the state administrator for the Minnesota Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) program established by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) through the Defense Logistics Agency. It allows law enforcement agencies to obtain surplus military weapons, tactical vehicles, aircraft and other equipment for any bona fide law enforcement need at no cost. 

All transferred surplus items must have a direct application to the law enforcement agency's arrest and apprehension mission.

Since the inception of the program in 1993, more than $25 million worth of equipment has been transferred to Minnesota law enforcement agencies including the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA),  the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Enforcement Division, along with 85 county sheriff's offices and approximately 325 local police agencies.

View this video about the benefits and capabilities of this program.



In order to participate in this program, agencies must be officially enrolled and complete the following documents, and fax or mail them to the State LESO Coordinator at

FAX Number: 651-797-1240
MN-LESO email address:
This document provides basic information about your department and lists points of contacts along with who is allowed to screen at the DRMO.  This needs to be updated when you have any major changes in your information.
This document needs to be down loaded, signed by the agency head.  Only the signature page needs to be faxed or sent back to the MN-LESO Officer.
Once enrolled in the program, registered law enforcement agencies (LEA) may begin to review and obtain surplus DoD property.   

Equipment Screening


LEAs can screen available items online by using the DRMS web server.  Customers screening electronically should verify asset availability status with the holding Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) telephonically to ensure the asset is still at the DRMO and that item(s) meet the customer’s requirement.  Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to screen on-line.

In Person

LEAs may also screen property in person at a DRMO location.  LEAs should coordinate with the DRMO to schedule an appointment.  You will have to use the computer provided by the DRMO to go online and reserve items through the DRMS web site.  You can print out the step by step instructions from above to assist you in the process.
If desired equipment is identified and fills a valid law enforcement need, the agency submits a request for the item(s).  All surplus property is received “as-is” for free,  paying only for any applicable shipping or transportation costs.
In Minnesota, this program runs independently of the Minnesota Department of Administration's, "State & Federal Surplus Property Program".  The MN-LESO program is unlike this program which adds a surcharge to each item.


Under section 1033 of the 1997 National Defense Authorization Act, the Secretary of Defense may transfer to Federal and State agencies property of the Department of Defense (DoD), including weapons, that the Secretary determines are suitable for potential use in law enforcement activities.

Weapons obtained through the 1033 Program from the DoD are on an indefinite “loan” basis;   Agencies may retain the weapons as long as desired, but when no longer needed, they must be either transferred to another eligible law enforcement agency or returned to the federal government. For more information click here.
Types of weapons currently available through the program are:




Note: Currently agencies may request M-16s and .45 M1911 pistols at a rate of 100 percent of their full time licensed officers and M-14s at a rate of 50 percent while supplies last.   

Weapons Request Process

Please use this form for requesting weapons. The form and letter must be faxed or sent to the MN-LESO Program.  Once it is approved at the state level the request will be forwarded to Federal LESO for action. A request approved at the State level is no guarantee that the requesting agency will receive the weapons being requested. The State Coordinator will contact agencies approved to receive weapons. Questions regarding this application should be directed to the MN-LESO office.

Property Delivery

If the property request is approved, LESO will complete the transfer document, DD Form 1348-1A and send it to the DRMO. Once the DRMO receives the DD Form 1348-1A, they will contact the requesting LEA. The LEA will arrange to pick up or have the items shipped (the DRMO will not ship COD, they do prefer to set up a FEDEX or UPS account). The LEA will maintain all documentation until the property is turned in, disposed of, or transferred.


The LEA will fax or send a copy of the signed and legible DD Form 1348-1A to the State  MN-LESO Coordinator the following business day after the property is picked up.

For questions regarding MN-LESO contact the program representative at:

(651) 201-7485

EFAX Number: 651-797-1240
MN-LESO email address: