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REP Training - Responders

Online Training for Emergency Responders.
READ THIS BEFORE BEGINNING AN ONLINE TRAINING MODULE is no longer able to track the training of our various online modules. To get credit for the online training, print your certificate at the end of the module then email for recording.

For the online training to run properly, you also must have Flash Player 10 or greater.

  • If you need to update your current version of Flash Player, you can do so here.


Online Training Modules

Links and Approximate Times to Complete Each Online Training Module:

History and Overview of the REP Program - approx. 20 min. Transcript

Emergency Classification Levels - approx. 35-40 min. Transcript

Basics of Nuclear Power - approx. 15 min. Transcript

Basics of Radiation - approx. 45 min. Transcript

Intermediate Phase 101

Intermediate Phase 201

 Supplemental Training Videos

Emergency Worker Briefing

​PAR/PAD Process and Precautionary Measures

Monticello PAR/PAD Process

Prairie Island PAR/PAD Process

Precautionary Measures​

Training Videos - Emergency Worker Decontamination

Training Videos - Hospital and EMS 

Training Videos - Equipment

 Training Videos - Traffic and Access Control Points

Training Videos - School District REP Training