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About the SEOC

When an emergency occurs, each state agency carries out its responsibilities independent of other agencies. The activities of state agencies must be closely coordinated if the state is to respond effectively. The purpose of the State Emergency Operations Center is to facilitate that coordination.

Activation Levels

The level of the state’s response is based upon the scope and magnitude of the incident. This is identified through the use of four State Activation Levels. They are:
    Level I Full Activation with Federal Support– SEOC Full Activation with Federal Support
    Initiated by a Presidential Disaster Declaration for Minnesota and includes full federal Emergency Support Functions (ESF) support.

    Level II Full State Activation– SEOC Activation with Command Staff, General Staff and Select State agencies
    Response to an actual event having significant impacts over large geographical areas. The Governor’s Authorized Representative (GAR) will direct state agencies to provide assistance under the Governor’s Executive Order assigning emergency responsibilities to state agencies.

    Level III Partial Activation– SEOC Activation with Command Staff and General Staff
    Activation of appropriate agencies or Incident Command System (ICS) sections to closely monitor a developing situation or incident with limited impact. Actions may include preparing to or providing any necessary assistance as needed.

    Level IV Monitoring– Continuous Monitoring
    In Coordination with Minnesota Duty Officer (MDO), Homeland Security and Emergency Management Operations Section maintains statewide situational awareness.


When the state emergency operations center is activated a joint public information center (JIC) is established. All official news about any state agency response will be generated from the JIC. The JIC will also conduct news conference, when needed, from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety media briefing room.
Reporters can contact the lead public information officer or the state JIC by phone or e-mail: