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Cyber Security Training

""Cyber security is one of our nation’s most serious economic and national security threats. Today in cyberspace America faces myriad of threats from criminal acts to espionage, by individual hackers, organized criminal groups, as well as technologically advanced nation-states.
These individuals and groups exploit technical vulnerabilities to steal intellectual property, personal information, financial data or plant malicious content or code. The increasing number and sophistication of these incidents has the potential to seriously impact our economic competitiveness and threaten the public’s security or ability to access and obtain basic services.
To effectively reduce the risks, governments, non-governmental and private sector entities, as well as individuals, families, and communities must collaborate on understanding the risks and adopting secure information policies and practices.
To help reduce vulnerability, safeguard vital information systems, secure critical infrastructure, and increase preparedness from cyber threats, FEMA, now offers Certified Cyber Security Training  through 10 online courses organized in 3 discipline-specific tracks.   Emergency managers, government officials or anyone dealing with critical or sensitive information should take these courses.
To access this training, please use the link below. You will need to register as a ‘New User’ in order to gain access to these online courses, which are offered at no cost. Please submit your course completion certificates to