Homeland Security and Emergency Management

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety


HSEM Exercise Program

Realistic exercise of core capabilities prepares emergency management organizations for real world events. The HSEM Exercise Program offers support through:  
  • Exercise training courses
  • Assistance with exercise planning, conduct and evaluation
  • Planning resources and documentation materials

Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop (IPPW)

HSEM conducts annual regional and state workshops to produce an Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP). The IPP outlines state training priorities and establishes a calendar of proposed training and exercise events. See the Integrated Preparedness​ page for my details.

HSEEP Methodology

HSEM uses and recommends the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology for emergency management training and exercise. This methodology:
  • Challenges participants with increasingly advanced courses and exercise scenarios
  • Includes, strengths and confirms lessons learned
  • Identifies a jurisdiction's capability strengths as well as those in need of improvement
  • Provides a means of evaluation and corrective action for exercises
  • Ensures a method to share lessons learned and best practices from training courses and exercises

For HSEEP information and materials, visit the FEMA Preparedness Toolkit. 

For more information regarding the HSEM Exercise Program

Call 651-201-7095 or email hsem.training@state.mn.us.