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This Year’s Cadets Have Their Eyes on the Prize

​Sixty-one cadets are in the 57th annual Trooper Candidate School at Camp Ripley in Brainerd. The training began Jan. 25 and continues for 16 weeks. Graduation day is May 17th. Upon completion of the training academy, the cadets will be sworn in as State Troopers. The cadets will complete rigorous physical and mental training, which includes first aid, emergency vehicle operations, firearms, defensive tactics, radar operations, vehicle contacts and numerous other courses. The cadets will be challenged both physically and mentally on their way to becoming the State Patrol’s newest members. Check our Facebook page for updates on the 57th Trooper Candidate School. 

Video Description: A young woman arrested for DWI talks about the impact it's had on her life. Consequences of drinking and driving include jail time, loss of license, and court and legal fees. This is the second video of a three-part series.