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Tire Damage Claims Process

What happened and why

During the civil unrest in Minneapolis earlier this year, State Patrol troopers and officers from other law enforcement agencies strategically punctured the tires of some vehicles.

During the height of the riots, vehicles – some of which were stolen - were being used as dangerous weapons and to transport weapons, imminently threatening the safety of law enforcement and those who were protesting peacefully. Towing the vehicles in this chaotic environment was not an option.

Troopers used this tactic in a few locations within the city, but only as a way to prevent vehicles from being used in attacks.

The number of vehicles disabled in this way by the State Patrol was estimated to be 15-20.


Vehicle owners who had their tires punctured and deflated by State Patrol troopers during riots in Minneapolis may be eligible for reimbursement.

Owners must complete a tort claim form for damages and submit it to the Department of Administration Risk Management, which operates Minnesota state government's insurance program. Vehicle owners will be notified by Risk Management once a decision is made on the claim.

Tort claim form

What is a “tort claim?”

A tort claim is a civil action against the state. Individuals whose property was damaged by negligent state action may recover the cost of the damaged property.

What will I have to demonstrate to recover the cost of the damage to my tires?

At a minimum, you will need to show:

  • Information about the incident: date, time, location (where the vehicle was parked).
  • A written description about what occurred, including that a state trooper was involved and why his/her action was not warranted.
  • Information about the vehicle: ownership, license plate, make, model, year, color.
  • Documentation of the cost of new tires, towing costs (if any), including receipts.

Will my name be given to law enforcement or will I face criminal charges if I file a claim?

The tort claim process is a separate administrative process. The state will, however, cross reference any claims to ensure it is not paying claims for vehicles involved in criminal activity such as those that were stolen or used as weapons or to transport weapons.

Do I need an attorney to file a claim?

While you are always free to contact an attorney to assist you, the process does not require you to have legal counsel.

Will I have to appear in person to provide testimony?

No, but Risk Management may contact you for clarification or further information.

For questions about the claims process

Contact the Department of Administration Risk Management at or 651.201.2586

Damage caused by other law enforcement agencies

The process described on this page is for vehicles damaged by Minnesota State Patrol troopers. If your vehicle was damaged by an officer or deputy from another law enforcement agency, please contact that agency and ask about their claims process.