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​​​​​​Important COVID-19 Information for MIP Inspectors

Our office remains closed to the public. Inspection decals may be ordered by mail using the decal order form​​. 

All recertification extensions due the Covid-19 pandemic have expired as of September 1, 2020.  There are NO Covid-19 extensions still in effect and if you exceed the 6-month grace period for taking the recertification class, you will be required to retake the main certification course.  Recertification courses have been taught throughout the State from June 2020 and are ongoing.  You may have to travel a longer distance in order to attend a course and you should not assume you will be able to attend at the same location you have in the past.  Please click her​e to contact a recertification course provider for registration information.  The State Patrol does not schedule recertification courses and we are unable to provide dates that recertification classes are taught.  The State Patrol instructs the main certification course; 2022 dates are available here​.  Please contact Lt. Mike Theis if you have any questions at or call 218-849-1570.

Ordering Decals

Complete a Decal Order Form​ and specify for what year you are requesting decals. It is preferred, but not required, that you complete the form electronically; then print and mail it. 

For the security of all parties, credit card orders for inspection decals must be made in person or via U.S. Mail.  In order to protect your credit card and personal information, email and faxed orders cannot be accepted. The address for purchasing decals is printed on the decal order form.

Program Updates

​​Please read these important updates.​ (December 26, 2021)​

The 2022 Certified Inspector Student Handbook is available for download. If you are a certified inspector, we recommend you download a copy of the handbook.

The Periodic Vehicle Inspection Form has undergone some minor revisions. The newest form, with a re​vision date of January 1, 2022, is the only form approved for use beginning March 1, 2022. You may download a copy of either the traditional handwritten form or an electronic form, from the links below.

Appendix G renamed

In October of 2021, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration transferred what was commonly referred to as Appendix G of 49 CFR​ 396, to Appendix A.  The reference in regulation 49 CFR 396.17, Periodic Inspection, was also updated to reflect this transfer to Appendix A.  Current Minnesota Mandatory Inspection Program decals​ indicate the vehicle has been inspected in accordance with 49 CFR 396.17, Appendix G.  Despite the reference to Appendix G, the decals will continue to be valid and useable through 2022.  Decals will not need to be replaced.  All decals in 2023 will reflect the new reference to Appendix A. 

What vehicles must be inspected?

Minnesota Statute 169.781 requires commercial motor vehicles to be inspected annually and display an annual inspection decal. For purposes of the annual inspection, a commercial motor vehicle is:

  • a vehicle or combination of vehicles having a gross vehicle weight greater than 26,000 pounds;
  • a bus; or
  • a vehicle, regardless of size, that transports a quantity of hazardous materials requiring the vehicle to display placards; or
  • a self-propelled special mobile equipment mounted on a commercial motor vehicle chassis with a gross vehicle weight more than 26,000 pounds

A Minnesota-registered commercial motor vehicle housed and maintained in another state that has been inspected in accordance with federal regulations, may be eligible for a certificate of compliance. Please see the documents linked below.

covered farm vehicle is not required to be inspected and is not required to display an annual inspection decal. However, if requested by the owner, a certified inspector may conduct an inspection and affix an official annual inspection decal.

Who may perform an annual inspection?​

A required inspection may be performed only by:

  • An employee of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) or Transportation (MnDOT) who has been certified by the commissioner of public safety after having received training provided by the State Patrol;
  • Another person who is not an employee of DPS or MnDOT certified by the commissioner if the person is:
    • An owner, or employee of the owner, of one or more commercial motor vehicles that are power units;
    • A dealer licensed under section 168.27 and engaged in the business of buying and selling commercial motor vehicles, or an employee of the dealer;
    • Engaged in the business of repairing and servicing commercial motor vehicles.

How do I become a certified inspector?

The Minnesota State Patrol partners with several technical colleges and the Minnesota Trucking Association to provide inspector certification and re-certification courses. All certification courses are held at the Minnesota State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Section headquarters in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. To register for a class, see the 2022 certification calendar.​

Inspectors are required to recertify every two years. Recertification must be completed before the expiration date of your certification. Once your certification expires, you are no longer able to perform inspections. If you do not successfully complete a recertification course within six months following the expiration of your certification, you must successfully complete the full certification course to be reinstated. To register for recertification, contact the approved course provider​​ nearest you.

What if I have additional questions about annual inspections?

For answers to your MIP questions, call 651-350-2000, Option 2, or email   


The following PDF forms may not be filled out online. Where applicable, they may be filled out, printed, and mailed or emailed to the addresses indicated on the forms.