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Become a Trooper

Want an Office with a View?
Become a Trooper!

The Minnesota State Patrol is not currently accepting applications for new Troopers.



Buckle Up for an Exciting Career

Email with questions. 

Pathways to Becoming a State Trooper

Candidates with law enforcement experience, and those without any law enforcement experience can apply to become a State Trooper.
Law Enforcement Training Opportunty (LETO) Program Information — Applicants with No Previous Law Enforcement Experience

Recruitment Publications 

Make Your Office the Highway

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the selection process for the Minnesota State Patrol.

About the State Patrol


Life as a Trooper

Since 1929 the State Patrol has protected Minnesota roads and motorists. Today, nearly 600 State Troopers provide assistance, education and enforcement to state citizens and provide for safe, efficient movement of traffic on Minnesota’s roadways. Troopers also investigate and reconstruct serious crashes, conduct flight patrols and search and rescue missions, assist other law enforcement agencies and serve as a vital component of the state’s homeland security efforts.



As a full-time, permanent employee, you are eligible to participate in the state’s group insurance program and choose either single or family coverage.

There are a variety of health and dental plans that provide comprehensive coverage for most illnesses and injuries.

The state offers both basic and optional life insurance coverage for you, your spouse, and children.

Troopers start at accruing four hours of vacation per pay period.