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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Grants


OJP will be administering three ARPA grant programs intended to provide support in responding to the economic and public health impacts of COVID-19 and efforts to contain impacts on communities, residents, and businesses and to reduce and respond to increased violen​ce due to the pandemic. These programs fit into ARPA category of services to disproportionately impacted communities, category 3.16 Social Determinants of Health: Community Violence Interventions.

  1. Survivor Support and Prevention Grants RFP
  2. Violence Intervention Grants RFP
  3. ARPA Innovation in Community Safety Grants RFP ​

See the resources below. 

​ARPA Grantee Training 

​ARPA Grantee Training August 2022​

ARPA Grantee Training  

ARPA Grant Awards

Violence Intervention Grant Awards

Survivor Support and Prevention Grant Awards

Innovations in Community Safety Awards

ARPA YMCA of the North 

Application Resources 

An Overview: Community Violence Intervention Strategies

Application Preparation

These are requirements to apply for federal funding that can be addressed before a funding opportunity is open for application.

SWIFT Requirement

All OJP grantees must be registered in the StateWide Integrated Financial Tools (SWIFT) system in order to receive grant payments and view payment history. This can be done after receiving a grant award, but a grantee’s vendor profile must be approved in SWIFT before a grant agreement can be created. 

Click to view the SWIFT Directions and Registration Information. 


SAM.gov Requirement

All applicants for grants supported with federal funds must have an active registration in SAM.gov ​(System for Awards Management). With your SAM.gov registration you will receive a Unique Identifer Number (EUI), you will need this number to apply for all Office of Justice Grants. If you already registered for SAM.gov previously, please login to your SAM.gov account to find your UEI number. Follow these instructions to register for SAM.gov.