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Crime Victim Justice Unit

The Crime Victim Justice Unit (CVJU) is a victim rights compliance office. It seeks to ensure that crime victims in Minnesota are treated appropriately and that their statutory rights are upheld. The CVJU has the authority to investigate complaints from crime victims about decisions and actions of criminal justice professionals. The goal is to promote the highest attainable standards of competence, efficiency, and justice for crime victims.

Assistance Available

Scales of justiceInformation and Referral

  • Information on crime victim statutory rights.

  • Referral to crime victim services. 

Assistance in Navigating the Criminal Justice System

  • Information about procedures and practices of all aspects of the criminal justice system.

  • Explanation of the roles of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and others.


  • Investigations of crime victim rights violations and mistreatment.

  • Information and explanations of agency actions.

Filing a Complaint

Victims of crime who feel that their rights have been violated or that they have been mistreated by a member of the criminal justice system may contact the CVJU to request assistance or make a complaint. 



Complete the form electronically (use tab keys or mouse to complete entries) or print form and complete by hand. The CVJU complaint form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Individuals interested in filing a complaint are encouraged to contact the CVJU to ensure that the complaint falls within the CVJU's authority.

The CVJU has the authority to investigate complaints of victim mistreatment and statutory rights violations by law enforcement officers, prosecutors, probation officers, jail/correctional facilities, and organizations providing services to victims. The CVJU does not have the authority to investigate judges.

Resolving Complaints on Your Own

The CVJU encourages victims to first take steps to resolve the complaint on their own before submitting a complaint.

History of the CVJU

The CVJU has its roots in the Office of Crime Victims Ombudsman (OCVO), which was created in 1985 with the mission to investigate complaints of statutory victim rights violations and victim mistreatment. It was the first such office in the country. In 2003, as part of a statewide reorganization, OCVO’s responsibilities were assumed by the CVJU, a unit of the Office of Justice Programs in the Department of Public Safety. Minnesota remains one of a handful of states with a formalized victim rights compliance office.

The CVJU derives its authority specifically from Minnesota Statutes sections 611A.72-74. This statute gives the CVJU, through the commissioner of Public Safety, broad powers to investigate “elements” of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, probation departments, court administration, and victim advocacy programs.

Although Minnesota’s compliance effort no longer carries the title of ombudsman, it operates under the same principles. That is, the CVJU provides an avenue of redress for citizens to complain about their government. When conducting investigations into victim complaints, the CVJU takes a neutral role. The CVJU is not an advocate for the victim or a defender of the criminal justice system, but is an advocate for fairness. When the CVJU uncovers problems, it seeks to work with an agency to find solutions rather than taking a punitive stance.

CVJU Brochure

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CVJU Main Contact Info

Main line: 651-201-7310, 800-247-0390 (answered during business hours)

CVJU Email: cvju.ojp@state.mn.us​

CVJU Staff Contact Info

Suzanne Elwell, Director,651-201-7312


Rebecca Kutty, Investigator, 651-201-7311


Carolyn Bryant, Investigator, 651-201-7316


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