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A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Minnesota Choice

For inmates in a Department of Corrections (DOC) Facility

Notification to victims of offenders in DOC facilities is not automatic. Victims must take steps to request notification. Victims of offenders in a DOC facility can register to be notified of the offender’s release by going to the Minnesota CHOICE website or by contacting the DOC Victim Assistance Program.Young woman working on laptop computer

Under Minnesota law, victims of offenders in a DOC facility have additional rights to notification and information. These rights include: notice of conditions of release; additional notification related to released predatory offenders; notification of transfers to a less secure facility; and, if the offender re-enters a facility, the offender’s subsequent release. Victims of DOC offenders who would like additional notifications can make that request through the Minnesota CHOICE website or by contacting the DOC Victim Assistance Program.
For more information about the predatory offender end-of confinement review process, see Backgrounder.
Although the notification function for DOC offenders has been moved from VINE to Minnesota Choice, the search function for DOC offenders has not changed. Individuals can still search for a DOC offender through the VINE telephone service or VINELink website, or they can go to the DOC Offender Locator website.
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The Minnesota CHOICE Service is provided by the Minnesota Department of Corrections
Minnesota CHOICE Program Manager: Lydia Newlin, Victim Assistance Program  | 651-361-7249  | 800-657-3830
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