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Interstate Compact

ICOTS Victim Information Notification System (IVINS)


Notification service about offenders whose supervision is transferred out of Minnesota


In certain circumstances, an offender convicted in Minnesota and on probation or parole can have his or her supervision transferred to another state under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision


The ICOTS VIctim Information Notification System (IVINS)  provides automated notices relating to offenders with convictions in Minnesota whose supervision has been transferred to another state. This includes offenders who were placed on probation with no jail time, who served time in jail, and who served time in prison.


Persons who wish to be notified of certain changes in the supervision status of an offender supervised in another state can register through IVINS. 


Individuals who request to be notified will get the following notifications: 

  • Confirmation of registration in IVINS

  • Offender's transfer request submitted

  • Transfer request approved

  • Approval for transfer request sent

  • Transfer request withdrawn

  • Offender has departed state where convicted ("sending state")

  • Offender has successfully arrived in the new state ("receiving state")

  • Offender has failed to arrive in the new state

  • Offender has changed address

  • Supervision violation

  • Abscond notification (whereabouts of person on supervision are unknown)

  • Case closed (no longer under the Interstate Compact, but still may be under supervision)

To register for notifications under the Interstate Compact, click here


More information:


Is the offender under the compact?

Offenders whose supervision has been transferred to another state and who are currently in that state are listed on this website: Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System – Public Web Portal.

Common questions about the compact

For answers to common questions related to interstate transfers of supervision, click here.

Questions about IVINS

If you have any questions regarding IVINS, please call 651-201-7312 or email

Questions about the interstate compact 

Minnesota Department of Corrections Interstate Compact Office: | (651) 361-7321