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Statewide Crime Victim Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis

The Minnesota SAC is conducting a statewide crime victim needs assessment and gap anlaysis. In an effort to improve crime victim services and to ensure equitable access to and delivery of victim services, this project will identify the following: (1) populations that currently lack access or have insufficient access to victim services; (2) victim services needed throughout the state; and (3) barriers that prevent or limit access to victim services. These goals will be accomplished via surveys, focus groups, and analysis of existing data. Most of this work is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2020.  

Biennial Human Trafficking Report to the Legislature

In accordance with Minnesota statute​, the Minnesota SAC conducts a study of labor and sex trafficking activities in Minnesota every two years. The SAC compiles data and information pertaining to the following elements: (1) trafficking-related arrests, charges, and convictions; (2) the number of trafficking victims and basic descriptors of those victims (i.e., age, sex, race, and ethnicity); (3) information on trafficking routes and patterns as well as methods of transportation; and (4) information on the social factors, including pornography, that contribute to and foster trafficking. The most recent report was completed in 2019 and can be found here; prior year's reports can be found here

Ethnic and Racial Disparities Minnesota's Juvenile Justice System

Each year the Minnesota SAC is responsbile for collecting data from various criminal and juvenile justice agencies from throughout the state to ensure that Minnesota is in compliance with the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. As part of this data collection effort, the SAC measures the extent to which youth of color have contact with the juvenile justice system relative to white/non-Latinx youth. As a follow-up to the SAC's 2012 report, the SAC will produce a new comprehensive report that tracks racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system in Minnesota over the past seven years, as well as efforts made to reduce these disparities. The report is expected to be available in the fall of 2020. 

Minnesota Criminal Justice Debt and Recidivism Project

The SAC recently completed work on a project that examined the prevelence and extent of fines, fees, and restitution on gross misdemeanor- and felony-level probationers in Minnesota, as well as released prisoners. This study examined case and offender characteristics related to the imposition of economic sanctions, as well as the total amounts of sanctions imposed. Moreover, this study analyzed whether or not these debts (and the payment of these debts) was associated with various recidivism outcomes. This report will be available on this site soon.