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MNVAA Student Information

Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy Student Information

Welcome 2018 Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy Students!  

This page will be used to communicate information regarding pre-requisite assignments, post presentations and handouts as well as links to designated resources.  There are no paper copies of MNVAA materials provided at the academy.  

The Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center offers online Victim Assistance Training (VAT Online)​ that all victim service providers must know, including victims' rights and the justice systems, which provide a foundation for victim services.  Prior to your participation in the 2018 Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy, the completion of the following modules is required:

The Criminal Justice System
Tribal Justice Systems
Sexual Assault
Choose one of these three; 
Victims of Sexual Assault in the Military  |  Victims with Mental Health Issues  |  Victims with Substance Abuse Issues

MNVAA Presentations and Handouts:

Coming Soon! This page is updated as we receive the information from our faculty.  

2018 Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy Agenda​​

2018 Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy Booklet

Ethical Considerations in Victim Services

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System PPT | Criminal Justice System Terms | CSC Complaint (Handout) | MSG​

Oppression Relay and Discussion

Crimes Against Children

ACES and the Impact of Trauma​

Responding to Elder Abuse PPT | Elder Abuse Case Studies​

Responding to Native American Victims/Survivors of Crime PPT   | Criminal & Civil Jurisdictions handoutMap 

Summary of Crim. Jurisdiction in Indian Country handout 

Department of Corrections Post-Conviction, Restorative Justice & Victim Assistance PPT​

Post-Conviction, Restorative Justice & Victim Assistance from The Department of Corrections Handouts:

FAQ Unwanted Offender Contact | QDVRO Agent Summary Report | HIV Sample Motion | HIV Sample Order | MOCK High Threat Assess​ | Protective Order Check List | Re Entry Statement Print Out | Victim Notification Request Form | Victim Registrant Input at Intake Print Out Form | Request for No Contact | Mock Up Violation of Protective Order Incident Report | Exit Check List​  

Crime Victim Rights PPT​  |  MN Crime Victims Rights: Reference Guide for Criminal Justice Agencies and Professionals | Victim Impact Statements Brief | Post-Conviction Checklist​ 

Crisis Intervention

Financial Compensation for Crime Victims and Reparations | Application Form​

Gender-Based Violence​

Survivor Resources​

Online Resources