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A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Resources for Law Enforcement


Materials for Distribution to the Public

OJP has materials available law enforcement agencies that can be displayed and distributed in department lobbies, distributed at public awareness events, or included in victim information packets. These brochures are available at no cost and can be ordered by completing the Materials Order Form and submitting to OJP.

Crime Victim Brochures and Materials

Crime Victim Rights​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong  |  Somali

​The Juvenile Court Process  ​English   |  Spanish  |  Hmong  | Somali
​After a Homicide English   |  Spanish  | Hmong  |  Somali

Coping with Victimization​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong  |  Somali

Tips on Testifying​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong  |  Somali

Victim Impact Statements​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong Somali


​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong  |  Somali

Collection Court Ordered Restitution​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong  |  Somali

Post Conviction Issues​

  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong Somali

Minnesota VINE​

​  English  |  Spanish  |  Hmong Somali

Minnesota CHOICE​

​  English  |  Spanish 

Crime Victim Rights Poster​

  English / Spanis​h    |  Hmong  / Somali

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Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)


Other Brochures from federal Office of Victims of Crime


The U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime has  a HELP Brochure Series that includes many brochures that  can be downloaded and printed, or added to your website as a link:


Resources for Law Enforcement Agencies


Victim Information Card

The Crime Victim Justice Unit (CVJU) provides assistance to law enforcement agencies in Minnesota to create and update the victim information cards they are required to distribute to crime victims pursuant to Minnesota Statutes § 611A.02, subd. 2(b) and 629.342, subd. 3.  The CVJU can review existing cards for compliance with the state law, assist with updating cards, and help departments create new cards.  There is no fee for this service; however, each agency is responsible for printing its own cards. 


Crime Victims Reparations Board

When victims of violent crime submit a claim to the Reparations Board for assistance with the expenses related to their victimization, typically medical expenses, the board will send a request to law enforcement agencies for a copy of the incident report along with a form to be completed by the responding officer in order to establish the eligibility of the claimant. The Board relies on the law enforcement reports and information from the investigator to make a fair, just, and objective claims decision.

Crime Victim Rights 

OJP has comprehensive information about Minnesota crime victim rights, including the Minnesota Crime Victim Rights: Reference Guide for Criminal Justice Agencies and Professionals which has a specific section just on law enforcement's obligations to crime victims.

For a more detailed information about crime victim rights, see the Crime Victim Rights Information Guide (formerly referred to as "the Blue Book")


Payment for Sexual Assault Exam

Under Minnesota Statutes section 609.35, the cost of a sexual assault evidentiary exam conducted for the purpose of evidence collection shall by paid by the county in which the sexual assault occurred. This obligation does not include the cost of treatment of injuries related to the sexual assault.  Below is a link to the agency within each county where requests for exam payments may be directed.

Answering Questions From the Public

The OJP Website includes many webpages and materials that can answer questions commonly posed to law enforcement officers, including:  

Information sheets   

Notification of release from custody 


OJP Website - resources and information