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Track 2: Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance


Program Overview

The Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance program is a multidisciplinary professional education course that challenges practitioners to critically analyze the process of effecting change of professional practices, organizational policies, and societal responses of victim assistance. Before the program, participants are contacted by a faculty consultant to identify specific issues and/or problem areas. During the three-day program, participants will work collaboratively to create a step-by-step structured action plan that can be implemented post-program to effect change.


The program is most appropriate for experienced practitioners and administrators in system and community-based organizations. Together these individuals are challenged to consider key ideologies, values, and attitudes that influence professional and organizational approaches to service provision. Participants are introduced to a problem solving process, which serves as a foundation for exploring and analyzing the justice system and various allied areas that serve victims from a comprehensive perspective.

 Participants work collaboratively on various issues that promote the quality professional practice; efficient and effective organizational programs and policies, and victim sensitive societal responses. This problem solving approach occurs through application exercises that build the knowledge and skills necessary for creating an action plan that can be implemented post-program.


College Credit

Optional undergraduate and graduate college credit at a reduced tuition rate is available from either Washburn University or California State University- Fresno.  All tuition fees are due at the time of the program.


Professional Certificate

The optional Professional Certificate in Victim Assistance: Critical Analysis is awarded by the Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies for demonstration of knowledge and further critical analysis professionally presented to the field.  As a university-based organization, a certificate of completion issued by the Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies offers  credibility and recognition valued by professions.  The certificate includes course attendance, a comprehensive exam, critical analysis report, and professional presentation.  With the exception of course attendance, all certificate requirements are completed during the second phase of the program.  All requirements have minimum standards of acceptance and are subject to review and approval by program faculty. 


Participation Guidelines

Registrants are expected to fully participate in all program activities with the exception of activities identified as optional.  Every effort should be made to ensure that work and other obligations do not interfere with the learning event. 

Future Training Dates

There are no trainings currently scheduled in this series.
For more information please contact Joann Jones at or 651-201-7318  



 Students in a Classroom

The Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs is pleased to sponsor Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance presented by the Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies. The Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies is a collaborative project of Washburn University, California State University- Fresno, and the University of New Haven.