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December DWI Mobilization

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over — Statewide DWI Enforcement in December 

Enhanced DWI enforcement is an important opportunity for agencies to demonstrate their dedication to reducing preventable drunk driving traffic deaths.

Agencies are asked to conduct seat belt patrols during the campaign, as a majority of drunk driving motorists killed are also unbelted. 


Drunk Driving in Minnesota

Enhanced DWI campaigns have been successful to producing a trend in fewer drunk driving deaths. In 2011, Minnesota recorded 111 drunk driving deaths.

Despite success in lowering the annual traffic death count, one-third of the state's total traffic deaths are a result of a drunk driving crash. 

In the last five years in Minnesota, there have been 651 drunk driving deaths. Each year in the state, around 30,000 motorists are arrested for DWI — majority are young adult males.

It's critical to encourage Minnesotans to plan ahead for a safe and sober ride to avoid the dangers and consequences of drunk driving.


Enforcement Dates 

  • Extra enforcement: Dec. 6-8, 13-15, 20-22 

  • Pre-enforcement media: Nov. 26-Dec. 5

  • Post-enforcement Media: Dec. 23-29


Enforcement Materials 

Reporting Materials

  • Report for the entire month of December.
  • All law enforcement agencies that complete the Short Report by 5 p.m. Jan. 4, 2013, will be eligible for incentive awards.

  • Report DWIs issued by your agency regardless of whether or not they were issued during grant-paid time.

  • Even if you are in a grant with other agencies, you need to send in an individual short report for your agency alone.

  • Use the Individual Officer Activity Report/log (Grant funded agencies should use ROAR) If unable to log into ROAR, this paper log can be used until ROAR is available to the agency.)


Promotional Materials

Order these items at no charge: DWI enforcement bar coasters, window clings, banners, yard/stake signs, Designated Driver Gift Cards, posters, brochures and more.

Distribute and post these items around your community — focus on venues and locations that deliver a young adult audience.


Media Materials

The biggest DWI offender group are young adults, primarily males. Make efforts to target media that delivers this audience — consider rock/country/pop/sports talk radio stations, outdoors/sports TV shows, etc. 
Log all interviews, and keep any audio, video, or print coverage for your records and for your final report to OTS. 
Share media coverage with local city/county government officials to demonstrate your agency’s participation and success.
Track media coverage (TV stories, print pieces, radio mentions/interviews) and post news clips in your lobby or break room for the general public and officers.
Also consider outreach to businesses/organizations that can deliver this audience (fast food, recreational sports leagues, college campuses, etc.).

Fact Sheets

Review fact sheets; use to customize news releases and other materials. Reference local facts for media interviews. 



Media Talking Points

Reference these talking points for media interviews. The backgrounder document can be provided to media prior to the interview to help guide the interviewer.

Social Media

Use these sample Facebook posts/Twitter tweets to remind followers about the extra enforcement.

News Releases

Customize news releases and distribute to media prior, during and following the DWI enforcement.

Pre- and post-enforcement releases are required. Use the other releases to sustain media coverage during the campaign by providing fresh news angles.

It is highly recommended to team up with local partners and issue a joint news release. 


News Conference Ideas 

Media events with a visual can help generate greater news coverage and be more memorable to viewers. Reference these ideas for news conferences and consider implementing in your region. News conferences should be held either the day of or the day before the extra enforcement begins. 

Note: News conferences are not always necessary. An alternative option is pitching "exclusive" DWI-related stories to your local news outlets. Consider story ideas such as: top enforcer/ride-along, DWI victim story, DWI offender story, safe cab program, etc. 



News Conference Scripts/Talking Points

Customize and use these sample scripts for news conferences.  

Public Service Announcements

Distribute PSAs (print, online, radio) to local media; ask outlets to use during the campaign. 
Holiday TV:
Holiday Radio:

Holiday Print:


Letters to the Editor

Customize and distribute to local print media outlets. 


Community Outreach



Ideas or requests for other outreach items? Email