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Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over Media/Outreach Materials

Media and Outreach Materials

DWI Promotional Materials

Order DWI promotional materials (window clings, bar coasters, banners and yard signs) in the "Impaired Driving" section of the online catalog.

Fact Sheets

County-specific impaired driving fact sheets are available on the Reports/Statistics page. 

News Releases

Customize news releases and distribute to media prior, during and following the enforcement.
General drunk driving
Underage drinking focus
Weekend update
Motorcycle (drunk riding)
Post enforcement


Media Talking Points

Talking points — review and reference for media interviews.
Media backgrounder — provide to media to help guide interview questions.
News conference scripts — customize for news conferences. (Scroll to find on the "Talking Points" page.)

News Conference Ideas

Find ideas to help launch your enforcement effort (scroll to find on the "Talking Points page".)
Consider other routes to generate media coverage other than news conferences such as exclusive story ideas: Give local media outlets story ideas to allow reporters to develop a more in-depth story. Consider "saved by the belt" profiles; victims' family interviews; what local teen/SADD groups are doing to educate peers, etc.

Public Service Announcements

Send links of TV, radio and print PSAs to local media outlets and ask them to use during the DWI enforcement campaign. Also provide to high schools and colleges to use. Partners encouraged to share links with colleagues, family and friends and post on social media sites.

Social Media

Sample social media posts — use on Facebook and Twitter, and ask community partners, businesses, schools and others to use the messages.

Letters to the Editor

Customize and distribute to local print media outlets — find on the "Talking Points" page.


2014 Dangerous Drunk Driving Counties 

Through September 2014, motorists will face increased DWI enforcement patrols in the counties that accounted for nearly half of the state’s alcohol-related deaths (160) and half of the state’s serious injuries (436) during 2009–2011.
The dangerous drunk driving counties are determined by the counties with the most combined number of drunk driving deaths and alcohol-related serious injuries during a three-year period.   

Dangerous DWI Counties Media Materials

Reference, customize and use these template media materials to sustain the DWI enforcement message.

 Dangerous DWI Counties Fact Sheets 

  • Top 13 Dangerous Drunk Driving Counties infographic (2013)
  • "25 Dangerous DWI Counties" fact sheet

  • History of "13 Dangerous DWI Counties"

  • Complete state county DWI rankings of based on combined drunk driving deaths and alcohol-related serious injuries, 2009-2011

  • Complete state county DWI rankings based on vehicle miles traveled