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Who best to advise on motorcycle safety? Experienced motorcyclists, of course.

Members of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force watch their classmates during a MN Advanced Rider Course If you have a toothache, you need a well-trained, licensed, experienced dentist. The same rationale applies to motorcycle safety: You need help from someone with firsthand knowledge and experience. That's why the 15 people Commissioner John Harrington appointed to the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force are all seasoned motorcyclists. Their riding experience ranges from a few years to over 50. Together, they provide input to the Department of Public Safety on the operation of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program and motorcycle safety in general. ​This DPS Blog​ will tell you more about the task force – and how to attend their meetings if you so choose.​

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Video Description: Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course. This MMSC video in the DPS MIC’D UP series shows beginning riders as they navigate a motorcycle, some for the first time, and learn basic riding skills. The video highlights some of the exercises students master during the 14.5 hour course.​​