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Office of Traffic Safety

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Educational Materials

The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center provides a variety of materials that are paid for by Minnesota motorcyclists. These materials are free to motorcycle clubs, dealers, organizations, safety groups, law enforcement and others interested in promoting motorcycle safety in Minnesota. View and order materials.


Most Popular Items

"Start Seeing Motorcyclists" Bumper Sticker

This is a reflective sticker with a protective UV coating and vinyl adhesive, that does not leave residue. The iconic message, "Start Seeing Motorcycles," is written on a motor vehicle-sized bumper and a motorcycle-sized bumper. ViewOrder


Reflective Decal Stickers

This high-visibility sticker is retro-reflective and lights up at night! Make yourself more visible and use this sticker on your motorcycle helmet and anywhere else you deem appropriate. View  | Order

2019 Rider Training Brochure 

This brochures details the course descriptions, prices and locations of rider training offered through the MMSC, as well as other training providers in Minnesota. View  |  Order

2019 Motorcycle Laws and Regulations

Summarizes current Minnesota laws for motorcyclists, equipment and mopeds. View | Order


Rider Training Window Cling

This bold and vibrant window cling promotes MMSC training and safety collateral available at a specific location. Put it up to let people know important training and safety information is available at that location.



Think. Ride Smart. Professional/Amateur & Bad Idea/Very Bad Idea 

These brochures detail the benefits of wearing protective gear and demonstrate the risks, consequences and solutions to impaired driving. They are now in stock.  Order

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Guide to Group Riding

Covers information riders need for safely participating in a group ride: ride preparation and organization, hand signals, and proper riding formation in complex traffic situations. View | Order

Sharing the Road

Addresses key issues for both drivers and motorcyclists: visibility, intersections, following distance, passing, lane use, and road and weather hazards. View | Order

Deer-Motorcycle Collisions Infographic

In the past decade, fatal deer-motorcycles collisions have gone up by nearly five times than the previous decade. Review the stats from the past 22 years in this infographic.