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Three-Wheel Experienced Rider Course

Training for Trikes and Sidecar Rigs 

Cost of Course: $125


Course Description

MMSCs Three-Wheel Experienced Rider courses are offered at Rochester Community Technical College in Rochester, at Central Lakes College in Brainerd and at Century College in White Bear Lake.
This course is designed for riders with three-wheeled riding experience who want to further hone riding skills.

Classroom Topics

  • Defensive driving.

  •  Impairment.

  • Roadway management.

  • Street strategies.

Advanced Riding Exercises

  •  Cornering

  • Evasive maneuvers

  •  Handling characteristics unique to three-wheelers

  • Maximum braking

Passengers may participate at no charge.

This course does not meet training requirements for the state skill test waiver or for those less than age 18. Students cannot earn a three-wheel restriction or endorsement through this course.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Riders must be proficient in basic motorcycle skills.

  • Participants ride their own trike or motorcycle with sidecar.

  • Motorcycles must be street legal, licensed, insured and comply with the equipment requirements outlined in the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual.

  • Riders must show proof of insurance to the instructor and hold a valid driver’s license with either: a motorcycle endorsement, a valid motorcycle permit, or a three wheel restriction.

  • Riders and passengers must wear protective clothing (eye protection, motorcycle jacket, heavy pants, full-fingered gloves and over-the-ankle footwear).

  • Rain gear is highly advisable.

  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Participants under 18 must have their parents sign a waiver form prior to instruction.

The Three-Wheel Experienced Rider Course is offered at the Brainerd, Rochester and White Bear Lake training sites.