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Click it Or Ticket

Seat Belt-Accessorized Halloween Costume Ideas!

Avoid a real nightmare on Elm Street and buckle up with these seat belt-themed Halloween costumes.

Remember: Drivers and all passengers, including in the back, must be buckled up or in the correct child restraint. Unbelted drivers or passengers can be ticketed.



Your friends will be howling when they see this get-up! It's especially hot for teen wolves, who have the lowest seat belt-use rates.



"Countess Buckle-ula"

There's no better way of saying, "I vant to click your seat belt" than adding these buckle-up fangs to your vampire costume. 



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"Captain Swash-Buckle"

Arrrr you buckled up? Ah, those pirate jokes never get old — and neither do pirate costumes, especially when paired with a seat belt eye-patch!



"The Shoulder-and-Lap Belt Mummy"

Forget applying toilet paper — use seat belt straps for the ultimate mummy experience. It's the perfect costume for those motorists trying to preserve themselves. After all, a seat belt is the best defense to save yourself in the case of a crash.


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