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Staff Contacts

Fire Code Questions, Messages may be submitted by email. Code staff monitor this email address on a daily basis and will respond to your question, usually within 24 hours, always within three working days.
Fire Sprinkler Questions, Messages from fire sprinkler contractors, designers, engineers and the general public regarding design, installation, code requirements, and other fire sprinkler system issues may be submitted to Division Fire Protection System staff
Bruce West, State Fire Marshal
(651) 201-7201
James Smith, Chief Deputy
(651) 201-7202
Jon Nisja, Supervisor, Data/Fire Protection Systems/Fire Life Safety Education
(651) 201-7204
Ryan Whiting, Supervisor, Residential Inspections
(612) 219-7125
Tom Linhoff, Supervisor, Health Care/Correctional Inspections
(651) 201-7205
Barb Lundberg, Supervisor, Support Staff - Investigation Info Request
(651) 201-7203
Robert Rexeisen, Fireworks Operator Certification/Consumer Fireworks/Explosives
(612) 386-4657
John Swanson, School Plan Reviewer
(651) 334-3217
Marian Whitney, Support, Health Care
(651) 201-7213
Randi Samuelson, Support, Residential/Schools
(651) 201-7212
Scott Radke, Analyst
(651) 201-7222
Nora Gierok, Program Manager NFIRS
(651) 201-7209
Kathi Osmonson, Fire/Life Safety Educator South
(651) 201-7220
Forrest Williams, Supervisor, School Inspections, Fire Code
(651) 769-7784
Tom Jenson, Fire Code Specialist
(651) 201-7221
James Iammatteo, Chief Investigator
(612) 597-3981
Joel Paylor, Support, Data Team
(651) 201-7210
Amanda Swenson, Fire/Life Safety Educator North
(651) 201-7214
Tate Mills, Fire Service Specialist West
John Ehret, Fire Service Specialist East
(651) 323-7134
Jared Rozenboom, Fire Service Specialist South
(507) 456-0907
Nolan Pasell, Fleet Manager
(651) 201-7218
Jake Lindquist, Code Development and Training
(651) 201-7219
Steve L. White, Fire Service Specialist North West
(218) 579.0128