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Articles and Newsletters

YFPI/public educator Newsletter 

For archived editions of the YFPI/public educator newsletter, email Kathi Osmonson​ or call her at 651-201-7220.

January 2017

Learn more about 2017 training opportunities in this issue. 

Fall 2016

Learn more about 2011 to 2015 YFPI activity in this issue. ​

June 2016

Learn more about motivational interviewing in this issue. 

March 2016

Meet our new state mental health consultant this issue.

YFPI Articles

Youth firesetting database pilot project

This article explains Minnesota fire officials' role in a national youth firesettign database pilot project.

Sweet summer

Learn about why summer is a time when we experience the most fires set by kids in this article.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Now is the time to start the discussion about this lifelong condition and how it may relate to firesetting. This aricle explains how.

Youth Firesetting in Minnesota

Just how big of a problem is youth firesetting in Minnesota? This article explains.