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Home Safety Visits

Why are they beneficial? Firefighter Becky Booker conducts a home fire safety check.

Fire departments around the country have found that home safety visits are an effective tool to reduce fire injuries and deaths in their communities. 

What do they include? 

While home safety visits may look different in each community, the idea of helping people look for common household hazards and how to mitigate them will remain the same. Many fire departments choose to include smoke alarm installation as part of the home safety visit as a means to be invited into the home. 

There are many benefits to a department to adopt the practice of home safety visits including increasing fire safety knowledge of residents, positive public relations for the fire department, firefighter safety and increase working smoke alarms in the community.

Generally, a home safety visit will begin with the offer to install working smoke alarms in homes. Once the fire department and its volunteers are invited into the home there is an opportunity to discuss other safety topics. This can range from discussing the top causes of fire and how to prevent them up to a full walk through of the home to teach the home owner ways to keep themselves safe from fire.

Here is a link to a how-to guide for home safety visits.​


Contact Kathi Osmonson at 651-201-7220 or by email, or Bob Reif at 651-201-7206 or by email ​for more information about home safety visits and how to conduct them in your community.