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Mutual Aid Status Map

​What is it?

The SFMD recently introduced the Fire Department Mutual Aid Status Map to help when departments find themselves in need of additional resources. The map indicates each fire department’s service status and ability to respond to mutual aid requests as well as COVID-19 positivity levels.    

Here is what each color indicates:

  • Green: The fire department is available with no personnel testing positive for COVID-19
  • Yellow: The fire department is available, but has a member(s) testing positive for COVID-19
  • Red: The department is available, but has a significant outbreak of personnel testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Black: The department is out of service due to COVID-19.
  • White: The fire department has not reported, logged on, etc.

Current situation (out of 776 Minnesota fire departments)

  • Available (COVID free): 449
  • Available (COVID positive): 68
  • Available (Significant COVID impact): 0
  • Out of Service: 0
  • Non-reporting: 259

Why is the map necessary?

The map was developed following challenges encountered duri​ng several unplanned large-scale events in Minnesota in 2020.   

We need your information

  • Please keep the map updated. This information will help the SFMD determine if and when to engage mutual aid plans on a larger scale so departments can keep their firefighters and communities safe.

What should you do?

  • If an incident or situation overwhelms your department and your needs exceed the resources of local mutual aid partners, contact your SFMD fire service specialist.

  • SFMD fire service specialists can engage the Statewide Mutual Aid Group to ensure continuity of service to affected communities.


Contact your fire service specialist with questions and for more information.

  • Tate Mills (west central): Email him or call him at 320-333-2817. 

  • Jared Rozeboom (south): Email him or call him at 507-456-0907.

  • Steve White (northwest): Email him or call him 218-579-0128.