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State Fire Marshal

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

January 2020

Jim Smith supports Minnesota fire service as new state fire marshal

You may know our new state fire marshal, Jim Smith – but do you know what he’ll be doing to support the fire service in Minnesota? Find out how Jim and the SFMD can help you keep your community safe and informed.


We need your help to reduce careless smoking deaths

Goals are important. The SFMD has set a five-year goal to reduce the number of fire deaths from careless smoking by 30 percent. But as State Fire Marshal Jim Smith will tell you, we can’t do it without your help.


Keep history from repeating itself

When hotels, schools and other assembly placed have an emergency plan and train their employees in it, lives are saved. Tom Jenson writes about a tragedy that was averted – and one that should have been – in this article about the fire code.


An alarming refresher

There are so many smoke and CO alarms on the market now, but Kathi Osmonson gives a refresher to make sure you know what to tell your family, friends and that stranger who asks at the supermarket.


Firefighter licensing in Minnesota

Ever wonder why you have to be licensed to be a professional firefighter in Minnesota? Steve Flaherty explains how firefighter licensing works – and how it came about in the first place – in this article.


SFMD January training update

There is always great training for the Minnesota fire service, and 2020 will be no exception. Jake Lindquist’s article will tell you what to expect for the new year.

As usual, the 2020 Governor’s HSEM conference will be feature excellent opportunities to learn about new things, from reducing substance abuse to increasing cybersecurity. Learn more in this article.