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Minnesota Task Force 1

By Pete Knaeble
Minnesota Task Force 1 Administrator

Rescuers carrying an injured person to an emergency vehicle

Minnesota Task Force 1 (MNTF1) is Minnesota's Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Team. MNTF1 has been training hard to better serve you and your community. MNTF1 held its quarterly training in November. The team was tasked with responding to a local jurisdiction after a simulated disaster.  MNTF1 performed well. They trained on technical rescue, wide-area search, data collection, “Survey 123", quick capture, planning and networking, patient tracking, and reporting. This training allowed the team to implement new systems and test their viability for an actual deployment. The team gained valuable knowledge and experience that will improve its ability to assist any agency in need of US&R during a disaster and researched information that will help us better guide future trainings.

Remember MNTF1 serves the entire state and stands ready to respond at a moment's notice. The team is requested through the state duty officer. The duty officer will connect incident command with a team point-of-contact. The team will scale its response based on the needs of the incident. MNTF1 will respond and report to command for assignment when requested. Please contact the Task Force Administrator for more information on how to request MNTF1 and its capabilities.​