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State Fire Marshal

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

September 2019

From the state fire marshal

The state fire marshal details what’s going on with the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative and the annual Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service, and takes a look at fire’s toll on commercial businesses.


Fall training preview

Fall can mean back to school for firefighters too. Find out what training the SFMD is offering this month.

Service Planning Grant update

There are two categories of grants for the fiscal year 2020-2021 Service Planning Grant Program: implementation and planning study. Find out about priorities, due dates and more.

Changes to the Minnesota State Fire Code

There are changes, additions and reorganizations being made to the Minnesota State Fire Code this year, which we hope will go into effect on March 31, 2020. 

2020 turnout gear washer/extractor and dryer program

The program helped 73 Minnesota fire departments buy life-saving equipment that can rid their turnout gear of combustion byproducts, and next year there will be even more.

MBFTE update

The MBFTE is hard at work deciding how to allocate their fiscal year 2020 budget, and will soon start piloting a new online training and records management system.


A time and place for stop, drop and roll

It may seem tough to keep things new and fresh at the annual open house, so check out these ideas for activities – and find out why “stop, drop and roll” is no longer the best message.

Cancer and the fire service

Fire Safety Supervisor Jon Nisja has a surprising new idea for preventing firefighter cancer and heart disease: Prevent the fires from happening in the first place.


The best way to avoid a social media disaster

A good social media policy can really help your fire department avoid putting their foot in their mouth. Social Media Manager Jen Longaecker tells you how create one.