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Correctional Facility Inspections

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The Minnesota State Interagency Agreement requires that Department of Public Safety (DPS) provide an annual fire inspection of the 11 DOC owned Minnesota Correctional Facilities. The DPS is also responsible for inspecting all facilities the commissioner of corrections is required to inspect and license or authorize to operate throughout the state. Read the general requirements.   

Find an Inspector

Search for an inspector in your area by using the State Fire Marshal's interactive mapping tool.


Inspection Forms

Here is a link to a fire alarm and emergency communication system inspection and testing form. 

Correctional facility fire reporting:
 Fill out this report form  ​if you have a fire in your facility.  

Emergency Generator - 30 Percent Calculation

Fire Alarm Annual Inspection

Fire door assembly inspection report:
 Use this report form​ to keep track of required annual inspections of swinging door fire assemblies. 

Fire Drill Report

Fire extinguisher maintenance report: 
Use this report form ​to keep track of required annual fire extinguisher maintenance.

Ground fault circuit interrupter inspection:
 Use this report form to document monthly GFCI receptacle inspections.

Receptacle testing: 
Use this report form to document annual receptacle testing. 

Sprinkler system inspection report:
 Use this report form to document monthly sprinkler system pressure gauge testing.​

Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

Correctional facilities are required by law to have fire safety and evacuation plans and conduct annual emergency ev​acuation drills.

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