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Collapsed Structure Teams

​Minnesota Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) ​​is made up of Task Force 1 and Task Force 2, ​located in the metro and northern parts of the state. 


The Task Forces are equipped to handle:

  • Structural collapse heavy rescue including breaching and breaking reinforced concrete and steel
  • Trench rescues
  • Confined space rescues
  • Rope rescues

Rescue Training

All members of the task forces are trained to and can function at the structural collapse technician level. The training prepares the rescuers to ​execute:

  • High/low angle rescues
  • Confined space rescues
  • Trench rescues
  • Structural collapse rescues

Medical Training

In addition, members of the task forces have been trained as structural collapse/crush injury medics.  We have extended the training to include several physicians who are the task force medical doctors and provide medical direction for the task force medics.