The Board establishes the purpose and policy of the organization by defining parameters in which it will operate, providing for attainment of goals, and monitoring the attainment of goals. The Board acts as "one voice" on policy setting and the staff of the Board carries out the implementation of those policies and directions.

Meetings (Information about Board Meetings, Committee meetings, and Advisory Council meetings, including schedules, meeting materials, and agendas).

Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor. Open positions on the board are posted by the Secretary of State.

Rebecca Swanson (2022), Higher Education,

Sara Rice (2022), Chief of Police, 

Kelly McCarthy (2023), Chair, Police Chief

Jason Bennett (2023), Police Officer

Troy Wolbersen (2023), Sheriff,  

Luke Hennen (2023), Sheriff,​​​

Pilar Stier (2024), Peace Officer,

Tanya Gladney (2024), Higher Education,

Jim Yang (2024), Peace Officer,

Shelly Schaefer (2025), Higher Education,

Justin Page (2025), Public Member,

Jay DeCoux (2025), Elected Official,

Jennifer Foster (2025), Peace Officer,

Justin Terrel​l (2025), Public Member,

Liz Richards (2025), Public Member,

Nigel Perrote (2025), Public Member,

Andrew Evans (Ex-Officio), BCA,​