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The Minnesota POST Board often receives requests for summary statistics. We will provide as much information as possible. We do not gather information on the race or ethnicity of peace officers. Requests for additional statistics that you would like to see added to this page can be sent to:

​Total Number of Active Agencies
Active                                                    ​ 441
Type of Agency
County Sheriffs' Office​ 87​
Municipal Police Department​ 331
Specialty Law Enforcement Agency​ 8​
State Agency​ 6​
Tribal Police Department 9​
Active Officers​
Peace Officer​
Female​ 1,167
Male​ 9,200
Part-time Peace Officer​
Female​ 26
Male​ 134
Total ​ 10,527

Law Enforcement Agency Information 

Law Enforcement Agency Directory
Report-Number of Officers by Agency


Updated: October 7, 2015