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Board Members

The fifteen member Board establishes the purpose and policy of the organization by defining parameters in which it will operate, providing for attainment of goals, and monitoring the attainment of goals. The Board acts as "one voice" on policy setting and the staff of the Board carries out the implementation of those policies and directions.

The Chair is a Board member who is named by the Governor (MN STAT 626.841). In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair serves. The Vice-Chair is elected for a twelve month term by the entire Board by majority vote at the first meeting of the Board after new Board members are appointed each year.
The Board functions as a voting body and each member has one vote. Members are expected to have a working knowledge of state government in general, the Board's scope and mission, administrative rules, the Board's bylaws, and rules of the organization. Members should strive to maintain the best interests of the citizens of the state in their decision making.

The POST Board's 17 members represent you. Please do not hesitate to contact them with your questions or concerns.

Kelly McCarthy (2023), Chair, Police Chief

Jason Bennett (2023), Police Officer

Clarence Castile (2021), Public Member,

Andrew Evans (Ex-Officio), BCA,​

Tanya Gladney (2024), Higher Education,

Dave Hutchinson (2023), Sheriff,

Joel Powell (2021), Higher Education,

Sara Rice (2022), Chief of Police, 

Kevin Stenson (2021), Elected Official,

Pilar Stier (2024), Peace Officer,

Rebecca Swanson (2022), Higher Education,

Troy Wolbersen (2023), Sheriff, 

Jim Yang (2020), Peace Officer,

Vacant, Peace Officer

Vacant, Public Member

Vacant, Public Member

Vacant, Public Member​