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Staff Members

The POST Board currently has ten staff positions. Our staff wants to do everything possible to help you with any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact our staff with your questions. The links below will allow you to email our staff from this page.
If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The telephone number to the main line is 651-643-3060 and our fax number is 651-643-3072.
Our staff is here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nathan R. Gove, Executive Director

The Executive Director reports to a fifteen-member Board appointed by the Governor. Mr. Gove directs the licensing system for Minnesota's 10,500-plus state, county and municipal peace officers and part-time officers. The licensing system includes components of minimum selection criteria, professional standards, continuing education, complaint investigation, and the rule-making process. He also collaborates with law enforcement agencies, higher education programs, the legislature, and the Office of the Governor on issues germane to POST functions and responsibilities. 

Erik C. Misselt, Assistant Executive Director

The Assistant Executive Director directs and coordinates the day-to-day operations of the POST Board staff and their projects.  With the Executive Director, he supervises agency support staff and works to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of core service delivery.  He will serve as Acting Director in the absence of the Executive Director.

Mary Bjornberg, Continuing Education Coordinator

Mary coordinates the Professional Peace Officer Continuing Education program that, as a component of the peace officer licensing process is aimed at upgrading the quality of Minnesota law enforcement, and, to coordinate and approve the continuing education review process as well as the disbursement of penalty assessment funds.  

Michelle Haggberg, Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate

Michelle keeps the licensee status up to date by processing the Personnel Notification and Termination forms received from the law enforcement agencies. She is responsible for updating the database, keeping the paper files in order, registering students for the Peace Officer Licensing Examination, and assisting in the renewal and restoration processes. 

Deb Soderbeck, Office & Administrative Specialist Senior

Deb is responsible for matters relating to the POST Board's members and their meetings. Questions pertaining to meeting dates, agenda items, and contacting board members may be addressed to her. Deb is also the department's personnel expediter, timekeeper, telecom coordinator, and certified purchaser; ensuring that all supplies, equipment and services are in place.

Peggy Strand, Education Coordinator

Peggy coordinates the Professional Peace Officer Education (PPOE) that is required for peace officer licensure and provided at POST Board certified institutions of higher learning. Currently there are 29 colleges and universities that provide PPOE programs at 38 locations throughout Minnesota.

Starr Suggs, Office & Administrative Specialist Intermediate

If you have ever called the POST Board, you have probably spoken with Starr. Starr answers our incoming phone calls, proctors the in-house licensing examinations, and updates the Peace Officer Employment Opportunities web page on the POST web site every Friday. 

Dan Vujovich, Licensing & Testing Project Manager

Dan provides information on the four examinations administered by the POST Board: Peace Officer Licensing Exam, Reinstatement of Eligibility Exam, Reciprocity Exam and the Military Reciprocity Exam. Questions about eligibility and preparation for any of these examinations should be directed to the coordinator. Questions related to licensing of peace officers and renewal of peace officers and part-time peace officers licenses may also be directed to the coordinator.   

Mark Raquet, Standards Coordinator


Mark provides information to chief law enforcement officers who have questions regarding administrative rules, information regarding the POST Board jurisdictiion and authority related to standards of conduct for licensed peace officers, and information and referrals to citizens who may have questions about alleged peace officer misconduct.