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Part-Time Peace Officer Requirements

A part-time license may be obtained only through a sponsoring law enforcement agency.

The sponsoring agency is responsible for making sure the candidate meets the selection standards and obtains the required training to become a part-time peace officer. 

An applicant must meet the following requirements for licensure:

  • The applicant must be sponsored by a law enforcement agency that has a position available under the agency’s part-time quota
  • Pass a background check
  • Be examined by a licensed physician to measure job-related physical condition
  • Be examined by a licensed psychologist to determine whether the applicant is free from any emotional or mental condition that might limit the applicant's effectiveness as a peace officer
    Successfully complete a firearms training course that includes the legal limitations on the justifiable use of deadly force and the agency's use of deadly force policy
  • Successfully complete and receive a Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board approved First Responder level certification, or higher level certification such as EMT or paramedic
  • Pass the part-time peace officer licensing exam. This exam is based on the part-time peace officer learning objectives.  It is expected that the sponsoring agency determine how the candidate should best cover these objectives.

See MN STAT 626.84 and MN RULES 6700.1101 for selection standards regarding part-time officers. 
Contact Peggy Strand if you have questions pertaining to part-time peace officer requirements.