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Complaint Information

Allegations of Misconduct

First, you should have an idea of what specific misconduct the POST Board can address. Minnesota Rule 6700.1600 defines “Violations of Standards Conduct.” Minnesota Rule 6700.2200 requires that all law enforcement agencies have a written policy to address citizen allegations of misconduct. The POST Board does not conduct internal investigations of police misconduct. Internal Investigations are done by the accused officer’s home agency. If the allegation is of a serious nature, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) may request that an outside agency conduct the investigation.
The first step in pursuing an allegation of misconduct is to contact the law enforcement agency where the peace officer is employed. That agency will provide you with all the information you will need to make your complaint. Minnesota law requires that all law enforcement agencies have a policy that outlines the acceptance, investigation and resolution of citizen complaints. You should be given a time frame in which you should expect a response to your complaint. Minnesota Statute requires that you are notified of a final disposition. The information provided to you will be dictated by the Minnesota Data Privacy Act. (Chapter 13)
You may file a complaint form with our office. Our staff will review the complaint, then bring it before our Complaint Investigation Committee to determine if it falls within the POST Board’s jurisdiction. You will be notified once that determination has been made, typically that takes between 15-45 days. If it’s deemed your complaint does not fall within our jurisdiction, we will forward your complaint to the home agency of the accused peace officer. It’s their responsibility to follow their mandated policy on Allegations of Misconduct. (See paragraph above)